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Assyrian like play and watch Volleyball. right now we have so many Volleyball team around the wolrd and some of them are perfect. Also we have a lot athletes in the other teams. We know just some of them. We want to collect all of Assyrian teams and athletes. Please help us to find them. Please tel to everybody about this website and our duty. please be one of Assyrian team. Please send us email for more information.

I remember when I was kid, in the our village we had just one volleyball ball for all volleyball player. This ball was somebody live in the city and when he came from city we might play the other vice we didn't play. I think some our athletes in other country dosen't have any ball to play. I think we can help them. You can buy one ball and send to them maybe they need one. Assyrian Sport will find those teams are need help and will gave you thier address, and you can send them anything they need. we are just thinking about sports acceserice. Also if you know volleyball team need help let us know.

Assyrian Sport know right now a lot of Assyrian pepole need help. But kids need to play and they have to play. So if they don't have ball, how they can play. You can send them ball and shirt and small net. I think it will be the best gift for them. We just will give you address and name of team. Please help us at this way. If you are loves Assyrian kids please let us know. We will give you other information to conntact them. Please help them.

Assyrian Sport

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