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Assyrian Sport

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Assyrian Sport  website welcomes all Assyrian athletes around the world. We believe this is the best way to find and love each other. Assyrian Sport is free for all teams and athletes. Every team and sport man or woman can submit themselves and  their sport history and schedule. please be one of our sport  members. You can have connection with other Assyrian  athletes and you can share you information and help each other as a one big sport family. Please send us email and let us know about your opinion and give us wonderfull idea to inprove this website to be more fun usefull for everyone. there are two defferent link as a team and athlete. That shows information about Assyrian sports and news. Assyrian Sport a nonprofir website founded by Mary's Software is looking for your help, ideas, information and Ext. Our goel is sharing all sports histories and experiences by Assyrian athletes. We know a lot of Assyrian athlete and champion in defferent countries and defferent levels. Assyrian Sport will help us to find all those champions and athletes and be proved of them as an Assyrian!!

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Assyrian Sport

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